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 Mary E Black is a medical doctor, public health specialist, and health service leader. Mary is widely published in scientific journals and is a frequent columnist and blogger. She is originally from Northern Ireland but now lives in London.  Her career has included clinical and public health work in Ireland and the UK, over ten years with WHO and UNICEF in Balkan countries and international consulting in many countries on health improvement, health services, social care and data systems. She has worked in both local and central government, most recently as Head of Digital Strategy for Public Health England and as a Director of Public Health and lead DPH for sexual health across London. Mary's professional interests have focused on the health and wellbeing of children, women and those who are excluded from society.  Her business interests have included two technology start-ups.   Mary has held a foundation chair of Public Health with the University of Queensland based in Cairns, established the secretariat in London for HANSHEP, a major global health alliance. As Project Director of NHS London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games NHS Operational plan she also led on evaluation and reporting for the NHS in London. As a singer and a writer Mary is passionate about how art can change and heal lives, and mentoring young women for careers in medicine and science.