Still life of a pandemic by Brandon Broll

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‘it’s still, a still-life
a life of stillness
yet still you are alive
yet still you are alive’



The date is March 2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic is sweeping the world, instigating lockdown in country upon country. Life has suddenly changed, personal freedom is a thing of the past, as friends and extended family are separated through social distancing. In a small house in ‘the street of the hollow eyes’ lives a family of four in an ordinary neighbourhood trying to get on in these times. Until the extraordinary happens when the father develops a fever…

‘the fever comes by chance

I isolate fast

the wife’s worried glance

in the street of the hollow eyes’

With rhythm and the clinical eye of a poet, the story is told of a father’s short and fatal journey after contracting Covid-19 as healthcare workers try to save him. In this five-part easy-to-read poem, the reader is provided with a unique insider’s view of the trials, kindnesses and poignant dislocation of people caught up in this pandemic.

Brandon Broll’s poetry has been published widely in anthologies and his biography has appeared in the International Who’s Who in Poetry and Poets’ Encyclopaedia since 1994. He is author of the bestselling science book Microcosmos (2010).

“Brilliant… So accurate to how we’re feeling. Captured each detail… Blown away.” Heidi Flax

“Heart-rending. I am so moved by your poem… so sad, yet we are still alive… a lesson to all who read it… to those people who don’t take this seriously. It should be read by everyone.” Astrid Kerby

“This poem reflects with articulate and painful empathy what so many families have been through.” Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg

“Although Broll’s verse appears simple, that brevity belies a rich intensity of emotion beneath. It makes the poem approachable and easy to read, it has a lot to say, but also rewards reading over and over… it has encouraged me to read more poetry !” Dr Gary Evans

“A valuable testament to a unique period of history… a humane and accessible work, which anyone of any age could understand and relate to.” Hilary Tait.

Supporting the World Health Organization (WHO).

Still life of a pandemic” was published this week on Amazon Kindle. A donation from the sales of the book goes to the World Health Organization (WHO). Those who don’t have a kindle can download the free Kindle App onto their phone and for those who subscribe to Kindle Unlimited the book is free.


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