From Cradle to Grave – a fictional account of life as a Junior Doctor. By Dr. Zak Uddin, Practicing GP, Expert Medical Writer for the Northern Echo and MJA Member

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“From Cradle to Grave” is my first attempt at fictional writing, and follows Jack, a young and fresh-faced junior doctor, straight out of medical school. It covers how he deals with the transition from medical student to medical professional, and the vertical learning curve that often accompanies this period. The novel focuses on how Jack manages with his newfound freedom, but also responsibilities, including those more challenging situations a new doctor will find themselves in. There is a gentle romance as a byline to the story.

I hope anybody who reads the book derives as much pleasure as I did in writing it.

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Dr. Zak Uddin, General Practitioner

Zak Uddin

Author Zak Uddin

I am a UK trained GP, practicing in North East England. My passion outside of clinical practice is writing. I produce a regular spread for the Northern Echo, the North East's largest circulating newspaper. I have recently had my first novel, "From Cradle to Grave" a fictional account of life as a junior doctor. published and now available on AMAZON

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