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The Medical Journalists’ Association has a membership of more than 475  health and medical writers, broadcasters and editors. We are based in the UK and exist to promote excellence in journalism, encourage and support our membership and provide opportunities for networking.

  • Forthcoming Events

    1. MJA tour of the medicinal garden of the Royal College of Physicians

      June 6 @ 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm


  • Rising stars recognised

    Annabelle Collins from the Health Service Journal has been named as a gold award winner on this year’s 30 To Watch Awards for young journalists. Elisabeth Mahase from the BMJ Read more…




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Is it becoming harder to earn a living as a health or medical journalist?


  • So many reasons to join

    Do you get in a pickle with p values, or struggle to find you way around a forest plot? The MJA Guide to Clinical Trials, written by John Illman is just Read more…

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  • NUJ Code of Conduct

    The MJA occasionally receives inquiries about a code of conduct. The EC has decided against drafting a formalised  code of our own, but would like to draw members’ attention to the NUJ code of conduct Read more…

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