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  • Geoff Watts (3)

    Was modesty in his DNA?

    Science writer and broadcaster Geoff Watts reviews The Least Likely Man: Marshall Nirenberg and the Discovery of the Genetic Code by Franklin H. Portugal. Published by the MIT Press. If Read more…


  • Quiz DSC_4197

    Strictly a winning performance

    Sparkles and spoons — Sue Murray, Nicola Hill, Dr Alan Maryon-Davis, guest Nick Samuels (Director of Communications at Foundation Trust Network), Pat Hagan and Jane Symons successfully navigated the periodic Read more…


  • home_thumbs_blog

    News – ebola contacts

    The Department of Health has produced a useful fact pack on ebola in response to the crisis:  It has compiled a number of documents available for use to try and Read more…


  • 20150205_MJA_WebRes_0197

    MJA Winter Awards 2015: the winners

    After a presentation from Tourette’s Hero Jess Thom which was full of surprises — for both Jess and her audience — the winners of the 2015 Winter Awards were announced in a standing-room Read more…

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home_thumbs_resources NEW: Guide to Clinical Trials

If you have ever got into a pickle with p values or lost your way in a forest plot, help is at hand with our new Guide to Clinical Trials, written by John Illman. It’s essential reading for any health or medical writer. Download your copy now. Read more…

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